GRID-ARENDAL : Mine Tailings Storage : Safety is No Accident

“Mining Tailings Storage: Safety is no accident, was prompted by tailings dams disasters and rising global concerns about the safety, management and impacts of storing and managing large volumes of mine tailings. 

The increasing number and size of tailings dams around the globe magnifies the potential environmental, social and economic cost of catastrophic failure impact and the risks and costs of perpetual management. These risks present a challenge for this generation, and if not addressed now, a debt we will leave to future generations.” (taken from GRID-Arendal)

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KEVIN O’REILLY : NWT Mineral Sector Review Report

“MR. O’REILLY: Merci, Monsieur le President. My question is for the Minister responsible for Mining. My statement described a recently released study that reviewed the NWT sector and compared it against international standards. The GNWT Commission Study says that we mostly failed or there is room for significant improvements. Can the Minister tell us when this study was completed and why it was released well after any of the public engagement meetings on the Mineral Resources Act? Mahsi, Mr. Speaker. ”

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